Carrie will play Polly, a mild-mannered preppy who works as a manicurist at the nail salon. Polly has recently been

Carrie plays Brooke Shields’ sister in this coming of age drama. To read more, click here.

Carrie plays the step-mother to Lily Collins’ character who is battling anorexia. To read more, click here.

Carrie plays Sally Miller Gearheart, lesbian activist, feminist, writer and teacher. To read more, click here.


You can see all episodes of “Crowded” at

Carrie appeared in the 15th episode (#715) of the 7th and final season. Check out the glowing press about Carrie’s

Carrie recurs as her real life husband’s (Michael Emerson) love interest. She appeared in the first and last episodes of

Carrie did a prominent guest spot in episode number 9 titled “The Goodbyes,” which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Carrie played a cancer patient in episode 204 of the 2nd season of the critically acclaimed HBO show. Emily Nussbaum

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